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Limited quantities available so don't miss out!

Investing in your health with simple stretches, exercises and habits can increase your range of motion, decrease chances of injury, and improve your health and overall productivity.

Let Horizon OHS help keep you on track with your wellness goals.

The 2018 Ergonomic Desk Calendar contains: 

  • An ergonomic guide for your sitting desk, standing desk, and driver’s seat
  • Flexibility/range of motion stretches
  • At work/home bodyweight exercising
  • Gym based resistance exercises
  • General health tips & facts

The calendar will provide prompts and healthy reminders all year. By the end of the year the calendar will have given you 3 full fitness programs that include:

  • Full Body Stretching
  • Full Bodyweight home/travel program
  • Full Body Gym Workout

The 2018 Pre-Shift Stretching Poster Calendar contains a selection of stretches and excercises that can be used prior to your worker's shift.